Bilka Lifestyle Specialization

The specialists of the company has developed and introduced into production over 500 own products, together with three Natural Cosmetic Series and over 10 types of toothpastes.
The company has two Invention Patents, seven Secured International Trade Marks, two Patented Service Marks.
The specialists of the company developed and introduced into production number of products classified as innovations in the field of oral hygiene and cosmetics, the most interesting are:

1. The first Bulgarian homeopathic toothpaste;
2. Herbal toothpaste with patented herbal extract mix with proved antibacterial activity;
3. Medical toothpaste with anti-parodonthose activity and medical mouth wash with herbal extract mix;
4. Herbal hair tonic with fortifying activity and anti hair loss activity;
5. Anti-cellulite gel with proved effectiveness all the products are clinically tested with proved activity;

All products are clinically tested.

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